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‘Resident Evil VII’ Coming To Nintendo Switch?



Fans and owners of Nintendo’s new console (our own Jimmy Champane shared his thoughts about the console earlier this week) may be able to enjoy Capcom’s Resident Evil VII in the not-too-far future.

According to an article by GamesIndustry Japan, at the Game Creators Conference 2017 in Japan, Nintendo held a joint discussion with Capcom’s Masaru Ijuin regarding the Switch’s performance and specs. This is part of Nintendo’s effort to gauge feedback from developers. The discussion turned to the system’s RAM, to which Capcom had concerns that the amount included in the system wasn’t sufficient. The reason for this was that according to Ijuin, Capcom is looking to port the RE Engine (which is what RE7 is built on) to the Switch, but that technical hurdles remain. Namely, Capcom is attempting to optimize the port to operate in a low power state, as the engine needs to work in different performance modes: docked and portable.

While this isn’t an immediate “Yes” to RE7 being on the Switch, Capcom is at least trying to put effort into seeing what they can do to achieve it. It also remains to be seen just what sort of eventual compromises Capcom will have to make in order for the game to be playable, as well as just how long it’ll take for Resident Evil VII to make its way to the Switch. Regardless, fingers crossed.