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Free DLC Brings ‘Left 4 Dead’ to ‘Dead by Daylight’



Bill just can’t be stopped. He survived Left 4 Dead and its sequel, only to be felled by about a half dozen Tanks in the DLC episode, fittingly titled The Sacrifice. Not bad for an old wounded war veteran who redefined what a video game badass could be without ever cracking under the pressure — that is, until most of the bones in his body cracked under the pressure of the aforementioned gaggle of thoroughly pissed off Tanks.

Now, one of my own personal heroes has come to the asymmetrical multiplayer slasher game Dead by Daylight via a free content update that released on Steam last week. The DLC reintroduces Bill to the fight, and it also adds four new Left 4 Dead-inspired outfits for his fellow survivors so the transition is a little less traumatic for him. Assuming, of course, Bill can even feel trauma.

Here’s a look at Bill’s perks:

Left Behind
You’ll get the job done… no matter the cost. If you are the last person remaining in the trial, for each generator that needs to be completed, gain a bonus to repair speed.

Borrowed Time
You get unexpected energy when saving an ally from a hook within the killer’s terror radius.
Once per trial when saving an ally, any damage taken that would put you or the unhooked survivor into the dying state is delayed.

Past battles have taught you a thing or two about survival. Grants the ability to fully recover from the dying state once per trial. Increases dying recovery speed.

Dead by Daylight: Left Behind is available now, for free, on Steam.

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