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‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ Tom Savini + JGTH Skins Reveal!



To go along with the Gun Media’s PAX East Friday The 13th: The Game trailer reveal, new images of the pre-order exclusive Jason skin designed by Tom Savini have been posted. The concept is of Tom’s interpretation of Jason after the events of Jason Goes to Hell (spoiler: He goes to hell). This skin is only available to those who pre-order the game (which you can do right here). No word on what (if any) abilities the skin grants you, but come on, you’ll probably be too busy staring at it to care (and get killed in the process).

Speaking of Jason Goes To Hell, Gun Media also released pictures of the skin from that film. Fans of the film (yes, it’s my dirty secret) will be quick to spot a few differences with the JGTH skin. For starters, Gun Media made the decision to switch Jason’s eye over to reflect the damage from previous films (even though according to their poll, fans who voted did want to keep the original look), as well as not show off Jason’s spine on the back. While there’s still time for them to go back and revise the model (since it doesn’t match up with the canon), it still looks damn cool. Credits to the guys at Art Bully for doing an awesome job on the models!