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‘Sunless Skies’ Brings Celestial Horror to PC Later this Year



The crowdfunding campaign for Failbetter Games’ creepy survival roguelike Sunless Skies wrapped up recently with £377,952 — about $460,000 — raised in donations from nearly 12,000 backers. That’s more than four times the amount that its predecessor, Sunless Sea, was able to raise back in 2013. Not a bad start for this sequel, which aims to take the formula that worked so well the first time around and send it skyward.

Like the first game, Sunless Skies is another 2D top-down exploration-centric RPG set in a “universe steeped in celestial horror and ravaged by Victorian ambition.” It’s coming first to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam Early Access, and in the coming months they hope to have a closed beta ready for Kickstarter backers.