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Arm Up With A ‘Resident Evil VII’ Replica Gun!



This story does contain a spoiler, so be warned.

For those who can’t get enough of Resident Evil VII, Capcom has another goodie for you.

In the spirit of Leon’s jackets from past Resident Evil games, Capcom of Japan is running a limited production of an airsoft gun replica of the gun used in the finale of Resident Evil VII, the Albert-001. The gun is being produced by Tokyo Marui, who actually have a whole lineup of replica airsoft guns from the Resident Evil series on their site.

While the specs for the Albert-001 aren’t final, the gun includes an aluminium hexagon silencer, a Light Adapter Module, a 20mm rail stabilizer, the custom made body (complete with silver-plated finish), and the S.T.A.R.S. medallion stamped into the grip. It all comes in a sweet carrying case, as well.

The gun is scheduled for release in April in Japan, and will set you back 32,800 yen.

For more info on the gun (brush up on your Japanese!), check it out here.