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‘Resident Evil 7’ DLC Details, Footage, Screens



Capcom hasn’t wasted any time bringing fresh content to Resident Evil 7 since it released a little more than a month ago. The game has already welcomed a bevy of new content, available first on the PlayStation 4, in the two-part “Banned Footage” DLC. The individual volumes cost $9.99 each, and they’re also included in the Deluxe Edition or season pass.

In Volume I’s first scenario, “Nightmare”, Sewer Gators cameraman Clancy is tasked with surviving the night against a seemingly endless onslaught of sickly monsters. In the second, “Bedroom”, Clancy has to find his way out of a locked bedroom. The first DLC also features a new “Ethan Must Die” mode, which will likely play out as its title intends it to as the game gets extra tough. Have a look at Volume I below.

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In Volume 2, out now on the PS4 for $14.99, we have the scenarios “21” and “Daughters”. The former scenario will have you “gambling for your own life in a deadly game of 21 with Lucas Baker,” while the latter dives deeper into the Baker family’s sordid past. Volume 2 also features a “Jack’s 55th Birthday” mode for those of you have ever looked at Jack and thought it’d be fun to feed the guy.

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And finally, come spring, all players, regardless of their platform of choice, will get a free ancillary story mode called “Not a Hero” that runs parallel to Ethan’s story in the main game. Volume I arrives on PC and Xbox One on Feb 21, followed by Volume II sometime afterward.