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Meet Some of the Cast of ‘Last Year’



Elastic Games has spent the last few months gradually unveiling the in-game models for each of the characters in their slasher-themed asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Last Year, due this November only on PC. In it, a team of five teenaged slasher movie archetypes must survive an onslaught from one of three specially equipped sociopaths inspired by famous villains of the horror genre, like Jason Voorhees or poor cell phone reception. As of last week, we’ve seen some genuinely impressive in-game shots of four of the game’s characters, so I’m going to give you those right now, followed by the other four when they’re ready.

Much like a fantasy RPG, Last Year pairs each character’s purposefully stereotypical personality with one of five unique specializations — support, assault, medic, technician, or scout — in exactly the way you’d expect. The jock leverages physical prowess as an assault class, for example, while the geeks are less “hands-on,” focusing instead on brainier class types like the technician and medic. It makes sense until you think about it too hard, then it gets sad when you realize the geek is probably equipped to be the healer because they were bullied by the jock. Leave it to the jocks to put the ‘ass’ in ‘assault’, amirite?

(Side note for our jock readers: I’m kidding, you’re a walking touchdown, only better!)

For reference: Amber is the scout, Samantha is the medic and Chad is all about that assault. Based on the Strangler’s class, I’m fairly certain his origin story involves some form of bullying. I wonder, how many lockers did that googly-eyed freakshow get shoved inside before his mind finally snapped? I suppose we’ll find out when Last Year releases in November. Stay tuned for the in-game reveals of Troy and Nick — i.e. the survivor team’s support and technician types, respectively — as well as Team Murder’s remaining members: The Slasher and The Hitter.