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Someone Dies in New ‘Last Year’ Gameplay Footage



Rounding out the weekend’s offering of slasher gaming goodness is some gameplay footage from Last Year, the 5 vs. 1 asymmetrical multiplayer stab ’em up that’s been fairly quiet since it was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in Dec 2014. Elastic Games recently showed off some of the game, which features nifty abilities for the killers, who can “use trap doors to capture people alive, and trigger an arsenal of environmental hazards to help you hunt down and destroy your victims.”

Meanwhile, the survivors will be tasked with, you know, surviving. This includes scavenging for resources to craft weapons and “build up your defences against an onslaught of Killers,” — incidentally, I now have an idea for a slasher-themed tower defense game, if anyone’s interested.

In this short clip that mostly consists of new gameplay footage, we get to see what it’d look like if the killer was a fan of the original Resident Evil and its memorable hallway scene.

Last Year releases this fall for PC.