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Guillermo del Toro Really Wants to Work With Kojima

Guillermo del Toro isn’t giving up on a possible collaboration with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, and after two false starts on Silent Hills and InSANE, it sounds like he’s up for just about anything.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants,” proclaimed a still-enthusiastic GDT earlier this week at the DICE 2016 in Las Vegas. “Whatever he says, I’ll do.”

Kojima only recently escaped from the sinking ship that is Konami so he could exhume his Kojima Productions studio from the ashes of Konami’s scorched earth campaign against him. He’s since partnered with Sony on “something completely new.” The mystery project is headed to the PS4 first, and if it’s successful, it’ll be the first in a planned franchise.

The two are close friends who have been vocal in their admiration of each other’s work before. You can see some of that in the keynote discussion they co-hosted — the first of many collaborations, I hope — at the DICE Summit last week. You can find that below.


  • Jonathan Larsson

    Please let it happen!

  • M. Knepper

    These guys would ROCK together. I’m begging Hollywood. Learn from Deadpool, even if it is getting beaten to death. Your ticket to success is not PG-13, mediocre remakes and prequels or teal/orange mimics of other films.

    • Richter Belmont

      Not one R-rated film has made a billion dollars or more. Nineteen films rated PG-13 or lower have, and that’s not including movies from the past that have to be adjusted for inflation. Just saying.

      • huntermc

        It doesn’t have to make a billion dollars to be successful. However, knowing how Kojima handles budgets, it probably would have to in order to be profitable.

  • dr.chimrichalds

    This would be pretty much the greatest thing ever if it happens.

  • Fracassi

    I hope he gets his chance. Silent Hills looked amazing. I love Del Toro because no matter how many awesome movies he makes he still always seems like a fan.

  • Halloween_Vic

    So lets get back to Silent Hills…….. I can only wish right? lol

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