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Hide the Teens or They’ll Be ‘Dead by Daylight’



High school archetypes have a rough year ahead of them what with all these murderers loose and walking about in search of something soft to poke. Behavior Interactive has finally pulled the sheet off their next game, and it seems those curious red stains were blood, after all.

Dead By Daylight joins Friday the 13th: The Game and Last Year as the latest teen stab ’em up to put a handful of stereotypical teens in mortal danger for our amusement. With procedurally generated environments and multiple bad guys — not all of them human — this 4-on-1 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game promises to be anything but predictable.

As a survivor, you’ll make use of your surroundings to survive against an unknown threat. This threat could be flesh and bone, or it could be something else. Each match has been designed so “you’ll never know what to expect, what you’re facing and how to get away,” and with limited time to think and even less time to react, your survival depends on outwitting your hunter.

An emphasis on character progression leaves room for each character to be tailored compliment your specific play style so neither team will know who or what they’re going up against. Dead by Daylight will release on PC, through Steam, as soon as it’s ready.