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One, Two, Here’s Some Freddy Krueger Art for You

This weekend brought some horrible news for horror fans when the world found out that legendary filmmaker Wes Craven was taken from us suddenly and far too early. The horror community is still reeling from the tragic news, because for many of us, Craven’s films had a monumental impact on our lives, as well as why we come here every single day to celebrate this amazing genre.

A Nightmare On Elm St helped introduced me to scary movies, and Scream remains as one of my all-time favorite films, horror or otherwise. As badly as I’d like to honor this icon, I’m not confident that I could adequately describe the influence this one man had on me. Thankfully, our managing editor Jonny B handled that beautifully with this must-read tribute.

So instead, I’m going to celebrate Wes Craven by dedicating this horror art spotlight on my favorite of his myriad creations: Freddy Krueger. I hope you enjoy.


Art by Lovell-Art


Art by b-maze


Art by Klar-Jezebeth


Art by BlackCoatl


Art by TheNewestRedRanger


Art by ValentrisRRock


Art by frostdusk


  • Fracassi

    Cheers! These are great.

    • xuanmmay

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  • Evan3

    Thanks so much for this touching tribute. All of this art is stunning, though I give it to ValentrisRRock ftw.

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  • elpinche

    Awesome. I love the TEXT’s piece because it shows Englund’s trademark expression, the essence he put into Krueger.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    These are all amazing, but my fave is the first one, by Lovell. Love the colors.

  • creamedgeezer

    I love all the Freddy art! I recently bought this set of replica paintings from New Nightmare. They are the ones seen in Bob Shaye’s office.

  • Here’s some Elm Street art from me. It’s from my Horror Poster series. Enjoy.

  • Jeremy Plante

    I still like mine the most. But I’m biased, obviously.

  • Jonathon Asuna Leafa Richards

    i love them all

  • ThunderDragoon

    So cool.

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