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Here’s Another Screenshot from ‘SOMA’



If there’s one quality that simply isn’t an acceptable trait for someone like me to have, it’d be tardiness. If you’re late with the news, you may as well be dead. I write about video games, sure, but this isn’t a game. No sir, no way.

With that said, I am super late in covering this SOMA story from a couple weeks back. I wouldn’t call it breaking news, unless you consider yourself to be an enthusiast of lone screenshots from far off horror games, but it’s still news. Or, it was. Now I might as well be writing about the pyramids, because two weeks in games industry time is roughly forever in real-time.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot from developer Frictional Game’s upcoming horror game SOMA. I’ve paired it with a single piece of concept art because I feel the two compliment each other.

The reason we’re being treated to this eye candy is SOMA entered a closed beta this month. That means we’re just a little bit closer to being able to play the game ourselves.