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20 Horror Game Crossovers I Want in ‘Mortal Kombat’, Part 2



Fleshpound – Killing Floor


In my lame attempt to honor the recent arrival of Killing Floor 2 on Steam Early Access, we have the Fleshpound. Everything from his thoroughly nightmarish appearance to the spikes that have been embedded in the two clubs he uses for arms would work in a fighting game, going up against an opponent that isn’t always trying to run away would be a welcome change for the poor guy.

Father Ignatius Blackward – Nightmare Creatures


If you haven’t played Nightmare Creatures, go ahead and do that now. It’s alright, I’ll be here when you get back. Take your time.

For those of you who are familiar with this series, I doubt I need to explain this choice. When I had to choose between Father Ignatius and his staff or the stab-happy swordswoman Nadia Franciscus, I usually chose the latter. Ignatius has some cool moves, but when given the choice between a weapon that bruises and another that can, with minimal effort, separate an opponent’s top half from their lower half, the decision is easy.

With that said, for the purposes of this list, I went with Ignatius, because everyone and their grandma uses a sword these days. Twirling around in the air with my bludgeoning stick sounds like a refreshing change of pace.

That’s it. We’ve made it to the end. Before the credits start rolling, I’d like to squeeze in one final mention of the first half of this list, which can be found over here.


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