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20 Horror Game Crossovers I Want in ‘Mortal Kombat’, Part 2



Rayne – Bloodrayne


I’ve never gotten into the Bloodrayne series. They just never appealed to me, even though I fully support blade-wielding vampire chicks who kick copious amounts of ass without breaking a sweat. Rayne reminds me of Milla Jovovich’s character Alice from the Resident Evil films — a red-headed femme fatale with a penchant for racking up serious body counts.

Cameos may make up the majority of Rayne’s twilight years, because after Betrayal, I doubt she’ll get another chance to stay relevant.

Juliet Starling – Lollipop Chainsaw


Lollipop Chainsaw is hardly a horror game, but I’ll ask you to suspend your disbelief just until I finish rambling about how perfect Starling would be in really any fighting game. For starters, she’s a cheerleader who can fight. Swap out her chainsaw for a wooden stake and she becomes Buffy. That can only be a good thing.

There’s also the matter of her bubbly personality, which I’m positive would make losing to her that much more painful. It may even disarm some fighters, giving her an opening to hack them to pieces with the chainsaw she seems to keep on her person at all times.

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