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20 Horror Game Crossovers I Want in ‘Mortal Kombat’, Part 2



The Witch – Left 4 Dead


The wait for Left 4 Dead 3 has been a long one, and assuming the inevitable sequel doesn’t introduce a new kind of special infected that would be a better fit for this series than the Witch, I suggest we give this poor lady a chance to vent some of her frustrations. Clearly, she has issues. I’m picturing a finishing move that involves hysterical sobbing that eventually makes her opponent so uncomfortable they can’t finish the match. Then their head explodes, because Mortal Kombat.

We can call it a Crytality.

Slasher – Dead Space


Isaac Clarke would be the obvious choice here, but he’s hogged the spotlight for long enough. I suggest we give the series’ iconic Slasher — the most common Necromorph in the Dead Space universe — a chance to shine. Clarke is a swell guy who’s led an interesting life, but drop him into a series that’s brimming with cyborg ninjas, bug ladies and dudes with four arms and he looks like the most boring guy in the world.

There are other options, too. Instead of a Slasher, we could use its darker, enhanced form. The charred skin and glowing eyes ought to up the intimidation factor considerably.

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