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Sumo Omni Plus Review: King Pillow



I love pillows. Normal nightly traditions usually involve a hot shower, the brushing of teeth, the removing of makeup, or laying down with a good book. For me, essential body maintenance can wait until I’ve finished the construction of a pod. After gathering a minimum of 4-6 pillows, I’m able to get to work, placing them strategically on the bed to form a nest, of sorts, because I’m weird.

I’m telling you all of this so you’ll better understand why I love the Sumo Omni Plus. One of the latest additions to Sumo Lounge’s growing line of soft things I want to live on — and live on one I did, when I used my Sumo Gigantor in the place of a bed for a full college semester. The Gigantor may be my favorite of the products they’ve sent me to review over the years, but the Omni Plus definitely gives it a run for its money.

This is because it’s essentially a giant pillow, and as I said before, I love me some pillows.

Almost any pillow is a friend of mine. Big pillows, small pillows, body pillows, pillows shaped like the people who have wronged me over the years — if you aren’t a fan of them, I suggest you get on that. The only pillow I don’t get along with is the throw pillow. Those uncomfortable bags of broken dreams should be thrown at your enemies, not used as cheap decorations.

Oh yeah, the Omni Plus. If the name sounds familiar, you may be remembering the Sumo Omni Reloaded, an adjustable chair thing I reviewed back in November. I liked the concept, but the execution could use some work. It’s really only worth it when they drop the price make it feel a little more solid.

If the Omni line is Sumo’s experimental branch, then the Omni Plus is, in my humble opinion, its biggest success. The original Omni looks like it would be perfect for a night of gaming, but it can’t compare to a gigantic, all-encompassing pillow. The first thing I noticed was its thicker filling, which they tell me is a “slightly more dense polyurethane foam” compared to the squishier Gigantor. It feels more solid, like you won’t sink all the way through it during a movie or gaming marathon.

I’ve had that problem with other large beanbags. Sit on them long enough and they start to engulf you until all the good stuff that was keeping your bum happy has retreated to the places where you aren’t. Being of the thicker persuasion, the Omni Plus doesn’t have that issue. It keeps its form remarkably well.

I was sent a charcoal grey beanbag for this review, because I figured it’d go with the bizarre way I’ve decorated my apartment. If you’re worried about matching it to the subtle hues of your own living space, Sumo Lounge is offering this beautiful thing in 11 different colors. Should you decide the color you chose ruins the spirit current of your feng shui, just replace the cover.

The thing I really enjoyed about the Omni Plus is its shape. It’s a 6×5 ft pillow, and that gives it more ways to be used. It can be folded, laid on its side, etc. You can even lean it up against a wall, transforming it instantly into a super comfortable chair.

If you’re interested in grabbing one of these for yourself, you can purchase it from the Sumo Lounge store for $199. They have an impressive array of beanbags to choose from, and while I can’t speak for all of them, here are my reviews of some of their other products:

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Also, so you know all the truths, Sumo Lounge did send me an Omni Plus for this review.