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‘The Evil Within’ Had an April Fools Joke I Almost Missed



April Fools is over, but before we file it away for good, I thought we might take a minute to acknowledge a prank I came this close to missing.

From Tango Gameworks, the creators of The Evil Within comes Into the Light, an animated feature that would’ve served as a bridge between the game’s first two expansions — The Assignment and The Consequence — if it were real.

“We could never have anticipated such a strong reaction to Juli Kidman and the black cat from The Assignment,” explains Ikumi Nakamura, lead concept artist at Tango. “So much was the outpouring of love that we took the only logical step forward from the world of Survival Horror: creating a whimsical animated feature around these two characters in The Evil Within: Into the Light!”

When I think about The Evil Within, as I often do, the first word that comes to mind would almost definitely be ‘whimsical’. That sums up the essence of the game almost perfectly.

This prank reminds me of the time when Blizzard reacted to complaints that Diablo III was too colorful by parodying the silly controversy by immortalizing it with the secret Whimsyshire level.