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Conquer Your Anxiety With ‘Nevermind’, Now On Steam



The nifty thing about developer Erin Reynolds’ psychological horror game Nevermind is that it’s primary objective isn’t to scare players, but rather, to try and help them solve a problem. Because while roughly 100% of humans suffer from some amount of stress and/or anxiety, we have yet to come up with an effective solution that doesn’t require medication or ridiculous amounts of money.

In an effort to help people cope with these negative feelings in an easier way, Reynolds has developed a psychological horror game that uses biofeedback to monitor a player’s stress level. The more overwhelmed they gets, the more difficult the game becomes.

Eventually, progress is only possible until after the player has calmed down. This is the concept that Nevermind was built on, and if it works, it could be the first in a new wave of horror games that aim to help people in real ways.

I’m glad this game hasn’t gotten lost in dreaded development limbo. Its first crowdfunding effort raised $130k. An impressive achievement, but it didn’t quite reach the $250k Reynolds needed. Its second campaign was successful, raising just over its more modest $75k goal.

For more info on Nevermind, I recommend you take a look at its official website.