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I Missed This ‘Dead Space’ Cameo in “SNL”



I’m nearly a full month late in finding out about this, but I can’t find any stories that mentioned it, so I figured I’d share this with you, even if it is old and almost definitely irrelevant.

When Thor Chris Hemsworth hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live” last month, he starred in a skit that was set in a spaceship run by a chicken. Like, a literal chicken. It has feathers and everything. But before the poultry gets its screen-time, we’re treated to a subtle Dead Space cameo.

If you look closely at the emblems that have been stitched onto the crew outfits you may recognize the symbol as the same one that represents the Church of Unitology from the Dead Space series. You may also recognize it as the source of every bad thing that happens in those games.

I know this sounds very much like an April Fools prank, so here’s some proof.

Thanks, Reddit user 0ptimisticZombie!