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Another ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s Trilogy Confirmed!



It’s decided. This is the year of Freddy Fazbear. If you thought 2014 was as good as it could get, with its paltry two Five Nights at Freddy’s games, then developer Scott Cawthon’s plans for what’s left of 2015 will make you happy enough to clap. Because of the runaway success of the first trilogy, Cawthon has already started investing the fortune he amassed making games that most people would rather watch someone else play into his next project.

When I reached out to Cawthon for this interview, it didn’t take long for him to invite me to his sixth home, which he’s used child labor to transform into a comically oversized pool filled with enough gold doubloons to make Scrooge McDuck jealous. He refused to answer any of my questions until some fun was had, so I reluctantly agreed.

The next twelve hours flew by, and while I can’t tell you everything that happened — Cawthon had me sign an NDA — I can confirm that half a day’s worth of debauchery is something I recommend you try at least six times in your life, so long as you can handle it. I’m enough of a professional that I had nary a trace of terror in my voice when I explained that my right eye had, at some point in the evening, stopped working. Cawthon told me that sort of thing happens all the time, so we moved on.

The groundwork has already been laid for a second threesome of horror gaming goodness, starting with Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, which Cawthon aims to release on Steam tomorrow.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s is already the Star Wars of video games, so it makes sense to give fans what they truly want,” Cawthon might’ve told me. I stopped listening when his head turned into one of those Reece’s Pumpkins that only come out in the fall. “Merchandising is next. I won’t stop until every child in the world can open a box of cereal and see Freddy Fazbear’s murder-hungry eyes staring back at them before they sit down to watch someone else play my game on YouTube.”

I was able to get a brief rundown of what we can expect from this new trilogy. The fourth game will be almost identical to the first three, but it will end in a way that sets the stage for a follow-up, a prequel, that Cawthon says will have something to do with clones. The sixth introduces the biggest twist of them all by letting players control an animatronic creature. The twist is you’re still stuck in an office, only this time you’re being hunted by a kid with marinara fingers.

Cawthon promises it will be the end of the franchise until the seventh game comes out.

Some YouTubers are already at each other’s throats for a chance to get an exclusive “Let’s Play” of the upcominggame, which some analysts expect to sell in the “shitloads”. Unfortunately for them, Pewdiepie, the Bro-King of YouTube has already nabbed an exclusive playthrough of the first half of the game, with fellow YouTuber Markiplier getting the rest.

Rumor has it that once the game is complete, the two will perform an ancient dance that will combine their subscriber counts to form PEWDIEPLIER.