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‘Silent Hills’ Website Now Has One Less Kojima Logo

I hate that I still don’t have any good, or even meaningful, news to share with you today regarding the fate of Silent Hills.

This story doesn’t offer much, but it’s something.

To recap, about two weeks ago, Konami started getting rid of Kojima Productions’ entire online presence. Their branding was removed from the promotional art for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, its website and Twitter are gone, and even the studio itself was turned into Konami Los Angeles. As for Hideo Kojima, he’s a contract worker now, and his contract with Konami ends this December. So while The Phantom Pain shouldn’t be too impacted by this, the outlook for Silent Hills is decidedly bleak.

Bleak, but it isn’t dead yet.

“Yet” may be the key word there, because I feel like if the game was still on track, we would’ve heard something by now. We haven’t, and it may be awhile before we do. Konami hadn’t even acknowledged the game until today, and this hardly counts.

GameSpot recently noticed a change on the P.T./Silent Hills website, which used to have the Kojima Productions logo in the bottom-left corner next to the FOX engine logo. Now, the engine logo sits there, alone and surrounded by darkness.

This could just be another step in their plan to wipe Kojima Productions from existence, or it could mean they’re making room for the logo of a new developer that’s taking the reigns on it. It could be a good thing. I mean, why would Konami bother doing anything but shut down the website for a game they (may have) canned? Maybe they’re waiting to explain the situation until after they find a developer to replace Kojima.

Whatever it is, seriously Konami, throw us a fucking bone already.


  • Conan

    No big deal if Kojima is not involved in the game. The Metal Gear games are good but wow are there so many issues with them. An lets not forget their was Silent Hill before him so hopefully a bit more thought will be put into this game instead of the usual milking the cash cow.

    • SpaceManSpliffz .

      Go back to grade one, and ask your teacher to school you on grammar basics.

  • I don’t believe they’ll abandon the game. The P.T demo left too good of an impression. They just need some time to re-group.

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