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Player Bests ‘Bloodborne’ in Under an Hour



I know that there are people that operate on much higher levels than where I currently am. If we weren’t all beautiful snowflakes and every person on the planet worked on the same level as I do, humanity would die a much quicker death than the slow(-ish) one we’re currently enduring.

I also know that if I had beaten Bloodborne as quickly as YouTuber Oginam_tv did in his 44-minute playthrough, I’d be in the White House right now demanding they classify me as an X-Man.

The only way I could accomplish this is through the use of black magic, and I vowed to leave that life behind me many years ago.

To recap, Bloodborne is a horror RPG inspired by the Dark Souls games that also happens to be arguably the best reason to own a PS4 right now. It’s terrifying, merciless, beautiful and absolutely a must-play, if you have the patience for it.