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Player Bests ‘Bloodborne’ in Under an Hour

I know that there are people that operate on much higher levels than where I currently am. If we weren’t all beautiful snowflakes and every person on the planet worked on the same level as I do, humanity would die a much quicker death than the slow(-ish) one we’re currently enduring.

I also know that if I had beaten Bloodborne as quickly as YouTuber Oginam_tv did in his 44-minute playthrough, I’d be in the White House right now demanding they classify me as an X-Man.

The only way I could accomplish this is through the use of black magic, and I vowed to leave that life behind me many years ago.

To recap, Bloodborne is a horror RPG inspired by the Dark Souls games that also happens to be arguably the best reason to own a PS4 right now. It’s terrifying, merciless, beautiful and absolutely a must-play, if you have the patience for it.


  • Calavera Sonriente

    I don’t get this kind of videos. Why would anyone want to rush through a game like that? Especially when it has such a beautiful setting… It’s a bit like denying yourself all the fun you could have.

  • IronicglassesWearer

    agreed, someone just wants fame here

  • Sutter Cane

    Why did he keep saying that the real version of the final boss beat him badly? Are there two versions of reality in game?

  • wildgator25

    Should really re-title this to “Player glitches the fuck out of the hardest game of 2015 to prove that he can’t beat it in under 1 hour otherwise”.

    Can’t say it pisses me off because I wouldn’t want to beat a game this way, but I hate to see people exploit games like this and call themselves “Record holders”. Worse than steroids in baseball I tell ya!

  • Sirengx

    This guy is worthless. My husband watched his stream and all he did was complain and complain.

    Glitching a game shouldn’t be glorified. He didn’t beat the game legit, he cheated which means what he tried to do isn’t worth shit. This game isn’t meant to be beaten in under an hour, let alone glitched. Which means, he’s really not good enough to play this game legit.

    • wildgator25

      I’ve played this game for the last few days. Knowing how hard it is to me, even though I’m a total nub at the games of From Software, I knew something had to be fishy with this. From the first drop of a pebble into storage and restart the game new, it was utter bullshit!

      There is no way that even the above average human brain can think of doing some of the glitches in this game. These things have to be taught by either designers (doubtful) or testers. These same glitchers are what have helped to ruin FPS for me. I understand that sometimes glitch exposers serve a purpose to help fix the game, but relishing in the fact that you can beat a game thanks to said glitches and I’m supposed to give you a slow clap? BULLSHIT!

      Piss on this guy and his never ending string of followers.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Glitch runs are like hacked/modded speed runs…completely and utterly pointless…there is far less skill involved and is pretty much like comparing a child’s school sports day race to an olympic marathon…

  • Evan Sena

    I hate when I read “Inspired by Dark Souls”, as if Dark Souls was the first in the series of games by FromSoft.

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