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‘Ashen Falls’ is an Eerie Tribute to ‘Silent Hill’



This has been a generous couple of weeks for discovering promising indie projects. Joining Hunger, Oxenfree and Through the Woods on my growing list of games that have recently caught my eye is something called Ashen Falls.

Conceived by artist Gilles Ketting, Ashen Falls is still very much in the conceptual stages of its development. I don’t usually cover games that aren’t quite games yet, but I was willing to make an exception for this one for the simple fact that I believe it has potential.

The concept was heavily influenced by the Silent Hill series — a popular source of inspiration for developers of upcoming horror games these days — as well as Ketting’s desire to find out what his own take on the survival horror franchise might look like. You can see some of that below. For the rest, head on over to the Ashen Falls Facebook page.