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Indie Horror ‘Kholat’ Has Been Delayed

The makers of the upcoming horror game Kholat have moved its release date back a few months to June 10 to allow them some time to polish it up. An announcement on its Steam page says the “additional time will be spent on testing, optimizing and debugging.”

It looks like an early build was sent out to several gaming outlets earlier this month. I decided to skim through a few of them about a week ago, and the impression I got was that Kholat seems to be suffering from a serious bug infestation. Hopefully they’ll be able to patch it up by June, because I’d very much like to find out what caused the deaths of those nine skiers back in 1959.


  • Brodequin

    Pity, but it is better for us to wait few months for bug free game.

  • wilsondavis101

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