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These Are the Horror Games of April

This could change, but from the looks of it, April seems like a somewhat slower month for new horror releases than the last three months have been. I say that with no small amount of joy, because while I love getting spooky new games to play, March was insane. If I wasn’t burdened with immortality, it surely would have killed me.

Here’s a look at what’s to come in April.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Edition

One of the most unforgiving dark fantasy RPGs of all time is making the leap to current-gen consoles complete with a title that promises to be as difficult to remember when reciting it to a confused GameStop clerk as it will be to beat. Dark Souls II will be bringing its unique brand of mercilessness to anyone who thinks they’re ready for it in a week.

Release Date: April 7 (PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)

Mortal Kombat X

I have a weird relationship with the Mortal Kombat series. I’m not a fan of the fighting genre of video games, I’m almost entirely void of any skill with them, and yet, I can’t wait to play Mortal Kombat X.

I wish I could say that my excitement for this game has nothing to do with the fact that both Jason Voorhees and the Predator have joined its kast, but then I’d be lying.

Release Date: April 14 (PC, PS4, XBO) / Summer 2015 (PS3, 360)

The Evil Within: The Consequence

The post-launch support for Shinji Mikami’s survival horror game The Evil Within continues with The Consequence. This DLC will conclude Juli’s story, so you’ll want to make sure you beat The Assignment within the next few weeks.

Release Date: April 21 (PC, PS3, PS4, 360, XBO)

Killing Floor 2

The wait is almost over, Killing Floor 2 arrives this month, bringing with it arguably the most advanced gore system in any video game. Get ready, it’s going to be glorious.

Release Date: April 21 (Steam Early Access)

Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories looks like the perfect game if you’re looking for something spooky to play while on the go. Survival horror hasn’t seen much success on mobile, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Release Date: April 23 (iOS)

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition

When the State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition releases on Xbox One, it will come bereft of the magnificent genitalia that plagued the original game. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get it — because you should — I merely wanted to mention those well-hidden penises one last time.

State of Decay used to have dicks in it. There, I’m done.

Release Date: April 28 (XBO)

Uncanny Valley

Cowardly Creations calls Uncanny Valley a “survival horror game, focusing on a bone chilling story, exploration and heart pounding action.” It also comes with a delightfully old school aesthetic that ought to please longtime fans of the genre.

Release Date: April 23 (PC)


  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    All over some MKX now that Jason is on board. Badass.

  • boxcar182

    Mortal kombat a horror game? Ehhh.

    • MKX isn’t a horror game, but it’s relevant, so I included it.

    • Wolf-man

      Considering it has extreme amounts of gore, monsters, an evil sorcerer that steals souls, a ninja from Hell, and has had Freddy Krueger in a past game plus now has Jason Voorhees and the Predator as playable characters; I think its alright to count it as at least partially a horror game.

  • Phendranah

    I should probably finish Evil Within at some point.
    MKX will be my game of choice this coming month though :3

  • Adam Paquette

    I am still playing Evil Within, I’m stuck at the part where you are in kind of library looking area and that bitch in the white robe keeps chasing after you. I can’t get past it.

  • wilsondavis101

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  • josephjomanmancuso

    I love that the carpet in Quadrant is from the Shining…

  • That Forgotten Memories trailer is really, REALLY, impressive. I’ll keep near the charger and the outlet and give ‘er a go. Sweet graphics for IOS. Looks like early Silent Hill quality which is a dear compliment.

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