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8 Horror Games We (Probably) Won’t See Until 2016

It’s not a stretch to say the first three months of 2015 have been lousy with horror games. We’ve been blessed with a steady drip-feed of spooky scary releases, and I’ve enjoyed how consistent the quality has been. With so many games arriving so closely together, you might expect more failures. That’s made this mostly solid bunch of games even more impressive.

The last three months set the bar high enough that I doubt the rest of 2015 will be able to live up to it. Even still, the remaining nine months could be considerably less exciting and I’d still consider the year a success.

As fond as I am of all these new games, the wet blanket in me can’t help but want to take this joyous time of year and bludgeon it to death with something akin to a freshly used toilet scrubbing brush. Until now, you were probably as satisfied with 2015 as I am. Enjoy that feeling while it lasts, because I’m about to show you how much better this year could’ve been.

That’s actually not true at all. The reason I’ve decided to write this piece, which I’ll admit is a bit of a downer, is because there’s a handful of games that I get asked about on a regular basis, mostly from folks who seem to assume one of the benefits I get from working for Bloody Disgusting involves horror game-exclusive Future Sight.

If you think I’m trying to hide my unusually specific superpower from you, I’d like to direct you to a similarly themed list I wrote last year. So far, an impressive zero of the eight games I said we might not see until 2015 — also known as now — are confirmed 2015 releases. Pessimists might see that as a failure on my part, but they’d be overlooking how impressive it is to attain 0% accuracy.

Let’s see how I fare this year!

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  • Polsdofer

    I enjoyed Survival Instinct, don’t care what anyone says. If i had any high expectations for it i probably would have been dissapointed though.

    • Brodequin

      I enjoyed it too 🙂


    Psssh there’s no way the friday the 13th game comes out this year. There’s no trailers, no gameplay shown, nada. I’m betting it’ll come out in late 2016.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    Draugen was such a unique looking game, where the hell is that thing? Also, I’m wondering what’s going to happen to Silent Hills.

  • Calavera Sonriente

    Summer Camp looks interesting. Those live-action sequences create this typical b-movie horror atmosphere. If you can actually play the killer, I’m already sure there’s gonna be a huge outcry about games helping people plan murders and turning them into serial killers, things like that… xD
    Also, does anyone know anything about Guillermo del Toro’s game? Is it off the table? That’s the one I’d be looking forward to most.
    Since I don’t play PC games, only on console, it seems like I’m missing out on many cool (indie) horror games.

  • Porty Guil

    good that gives me some time to save up for a console. unless someone wants to lend me $400. i will whore myself

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    I really want another lovecraftian game.

    • Brodequin

      Same here!!!

      • Cheshire TrollCat

        Bloodborne is kind of scratching that itch. Lots of Eldritch horrors and creepy/beautiful locales.

        • Guest

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          • Cheshire TrollCat

            Fuck off the edge of my cock.


      You could play Eldritch, where literally every enemy in the game is from Lovecraftian lore.

      • Cheshire TrollCat

        Graphics hurt my face, just like you ass-ugly eyes.

  • Rik

    I can’t figure out whether they copied Amber Heard’s face or Riki Lindhome’s for that header image.

  • Jeremy Wade

    i would love a the suffering 3, splatter house 2, shadows of the damned 2 and another evil dead game that’s open world. i would love to see a freddy k game with character creation

    • jonesman707

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  • Chamber

    I literally bought a PS4 after I heard that Silent Hills was being produced, and now, Kojima has pretty much left Konami and the fate of the franchise in perpetual limbo. Konami hasn’t been my favorite publisher since the 16-bit era, but I was really looking forward to them being something other than “the Metal Gear people”. Now, they aren’t even that. What a freaking shame.

  • durp

    Hopefullt RE zero and 2 remake coming

  • Justin Smith

    apparently friday the 13th game is suppose to come out this summer

  • Rick-Taylor

    Splatterhouse 2 and Campfire. They may never happen, but a man can dream, can’t he?

    • wilsondavis101

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  • Jeremy Wade

    the darkness 3 game as well but longer story, improve gameplay. customization for your darkling llike personality and clothing . abilities as well. so it would be unique for the player and also be able to change jackies looks and clothes style.

  • Guest

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  • GinsuVictim

    Silent Hills is the game that will make me buy a PS4, so they can hold off until I can afford it. 🙂

    • ManFromRoom5

      Beautifully put! My sentiments exactly!! I still have acres of stuff to catch up with on my beloved PS3, so until (hopefully!) SH is available (and my funds available increase) then my PS4 will wait too!

      • GinsuVictim

        It’s just too bad our plans got shit on.

    • Ali Nasir Wayne

      ps4 at this point lacks originality, too many remasters. arkham knight and uncharted 4 are the only great games on ps4… buy these consoles when they are fully matured at the end of their cycle.. that would be better… laggards rocks other sucks

      • GinsuVictim

        I won’t buy one until about 2018.

  • Cougar12

    A Evil Dead video game would be awesome.
    It’s also a God of War clone.

    • Rick Belgarde

      was it? which one came out first? that determines the clone.

    • Rick Belgarde

      Cougar12 you haven’t gotten a single up in your comment, considering how wrong you are about Evil Dead some how being a “clone” to God Of War

  • Dr Satan

    Youre aware slasher vol 1 turned into friday the 13th after they got the rights for it

  • Aleandros Brincat

    Any news on the the darkness 3 please???

  • Vishal Prakash

    can anyone please let me know this game

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