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New Trailer for ‘Uncanny Valley’, Coming in April

Indie developer Cowardly Creations has gifted us with another deliciously old school trailer for their retro survival horror game Uncanny Valley. The game is scheduled to arrive next month for PC, you can even pre-order it now, if you like.

For the unfamiliar, Uncanny Valley is very much a love letter to the survival horror games of old. It follows Tom, a security guard working the graveyard shift at a mysterious facility. In an effort to better understand the place he’s been stationed to protect, Tom decides to start exploring.

Then, things get spooky.


  • Sutter Cane

    Ok. So that looks pretty awesome. Thanks, Adam, for the heads up on another great (potentially) game! The gaming section is what keeps me coming back here, no other site does horror gaming as well as this one. Keep on keeping on.

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