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Do You Like a Challenge in the Games You Play?

Today isn’t like another Tuesday. This is the day that Bloodborne makes its bloody debut. It will likely leave a slew of broken gamers in its wake, but those who remain standing will be forever changed. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it already, and even the countless hours spent in the Souls series weren’t enough to prepare me for its horrors.

The survival horror genre can be an unforgiving one. Its games often require a level of strategy not seen in many other games. Patience, cunning, resourcefulness and the ability to remember the location of that locked door with the engraving on it you passed by an hour ago while being chased by a horde of ghouls, or something worse, because you found a key hiding under a wobbly floorboard you think might fit it.

These are skills most survival horror veterans possess. Some of us have grown lazy over the years as game design has eschewed its unforgiving nature in favor of something with a wider appeal. That’s one of the reasons why games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are so refreshing, because they refuse to hold the player’s hand.

This leads me to my question: do you enjoy a real challenge in the games you play, or would you rather play something that doesn’t require quite as much from you?


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    • JustGaming

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    • Brodequin

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  • aFriendlyAgenda

    None of those poll choices seemed to fit me.

    With me the right texture to create enjoyable Gameplay is as much a fine line and art as writing a hit song.

    I like as much challenge as you can give me without it becoming frustration.
    I dont like a “challenge” that feels like I’m trying to force my way past “cheating”, cheap or artificially extended gameplay.

    Thats not really a challenge thats just endurance and pushing the boundaries of my temper. Thats the problem I had with Alien Isolation (it looked fantastic though).

    I like the challenge of a good popcap game.
    It takes a little mental exercise and paying attention.
    Even a little speed and reflex.
    But they always design them to have to be fun first and foremost.

    I’m playing Valiant Hearts and Child of Light right now (in between my daily tour of duty in Counter Strike), those are just right for me.

  • IronicglassesWearer

    l like the hmm? answer:)

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