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I Can’t Get Enough of This ‘Alien: Isolation’ Concept Art

This impressive collection of art from concept artist Bradley Wright perfectly represents why why I fell in love with last year’s survival horror game Alien: Isolation. Had developer Creative Assembly not been as successful as they were in recreating the look and feel of the original film, the game wouldn’t have been nearly as effective as it was.

Without talented artists like Wright, Isolation might’ve ended up being as generic as Colonial Marines. It’s a good thing that wasn’t the case, so in the spirit of celebration, let’s take a few minutes to soak up some of the game’s gorgeous concept art.

For way more art like this, I recommend you head on over to It’s Art Mag.


  • Brian McNatt

    A simply gorgeous game.

  • Brodequin

    I love Alien movies (Alien 3 is my favorite), i love Alien: Isolation and i love these arts…

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    The art design and creative re purposing of classic imagery was all top notch and on the one.

    Unfortunately visuals isn’t the same thing as satisfying gameplay.

    Hopefully they’ll get a chance to refine the gameplay to match the majesty of the visuals in a sequel.

    • olternaut

      For a first effort, Creative Assembly was able to finally develop a game that captures the sheer terror of the original movies. No other game developer before them was able to accomplish that. It had a few minor flaws. So what. It doesn’t take away from the brilliance of their achievement.

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