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Microsoft is Considering an ‘Alan Wake’ Remaster

Microsoft wants to know if we’d like an Alan Wake remaster. As the unofficial ambassador to the horror gaming community, I’m going to go ahead and answer that question with a resounding yes. Yes, Microsoft, we would like that. We’d like that very much.

And since you brought it up, we’d also like an Alan Wake 2.

In a brief survey sent out last week, Microsoft also mentioned an Alan Wake Remastered as a pre-order bonus for Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive game Quantum Break, otherwise known as the reason why Remedy isn’t currently working on another Alan Wake.

Like most folks, the first time I fell in love with Remedy’s fantastic supernatural thriller was on the Xbox 360. I returned to the game a few days later, this time on a high-end gaming PC, only to fall in love with it all over again.

The game looks incredible on PC, and it’d almost definitely look better on the Xbox One. If you’ve only seen the Xbox 360 version, this is something worth getting excited over. Just make sure you direct your excitement toward Microsoft, so they know this is something they need to do.


  • Sick_skwerl

    Who voted no? Alan Wake is fantastic! I’m going to go watch the play through now… “Paul walker nooooooo!”

    • Jeremy Stewart

      I voted no because making a remaster of the first game would take time away from production of a sequel.

      • Justin McGill

        but if they gauge potential interest in a sequel based on the sales of the remaster wouldn’t that mean that then a sequel wouldn’t materialize at all for lack of interest?

    • Tiago Miranda

      I voted no because it doesn’t need remastering. I mean the game launched in 2010, its not like its in dire need of one. How about remastering of older games… Perhaps if it only had launched on one platform but its available for PC and Xbox 360.

      • Justin McGill

        some people don’t keep 20 consoles. and my PC is mostly work and media storage. Its not really in a place for gaming and my console is in the front room. Plenty of people may be coming from PS3 or doing the same thing and just upgrading, not holding onto every single thing like a hoarder. I have finite amount of space and waited quite a while on the XBOX ONE (admittedly I think I should have waited until this holday season) as the stream of titles is still relatively weak But I find I miss some of my favorite older games. And if a remaster helps convince someone to look into a sequel for me that’s a win win.

  • Zachariah

    I woulda been much more excited if it wasn’t exclusive, but hey, what ya gonna do.

  • One of the best games I’ve played in years and one of the only games that could convince me to buy an Xbox One if we got a proper sequel.

    • Tiago Miranda

      This isn’t talking about a sequel though… Not even close.

      • Justin McGill

        If there is a release and sales numbers are good that would be a good gauge for interest in a sequel.

        • Tiago Miranda

          But again, that isn’t relating to the post.

    • Justin McGill

      Well there were 3 titles and all are happening or strongly rumored. Battlefront 3 is real. But Alan Wake 2 and a new Knights of the Old Republic are very strongly rumored.. Fingers crossed.

  • Justin McGill

    ABSOLUTELY.. and if it is availanle on disc its a MUST MUST BUY. but who am I kidding.. even if its just a digital download bonus with Quantum Break it wuold make it a must buy. I hope they remaster the DLC and American Nightmare as well…but please.. Alan Wake 2 is a must.

    • Tiago Miranda

      Why? It doesn’t need it.

      • Justin McGill

        Because sadly this generation is not backwards compatible. And Alan Wake is one of the few titles making me miss the 360.. Along with Brutal Legend, Stick of Truth and a remaster of the Mortal Kombat reboot (that one super unlikely).

        • Tiago Miranda

          And? That’s not a reason to remaster it. I’d be in favor of remastering a game that needs it, Alan Wake doesn’t.

  • Queen B

    I’d love a remastered edition.. But if it’s another Xbone exclusive, MS can stick it. They already ruined Rise of the Tomb Raider for me, with that timed exclusive -.-

    • KSE1977

      Dude, seriously? This drek yet again? Let’s leave this type of talk for IGN and focus on the task at hand


    I already have it on PC so no I don’t need a remastered version.

    • Tiago Miranda

      Exactly. What’s the point?

      • LoveAnimation

        For people like me that only play games on consoles there sure is a Point.

        • Tiago Miranda

          Its on the Xbox 360….

  • KSE1977

    For my money, said remaster would include all of the 360 era content, the dlc and American Nightmare. This I would pay for!!

    • Tiago Miranda

      Its pointless. You can get all of that on Steam minus the 360 era content on PC on a sale for less than a tenner. People like you will eat up anything Microsoft puts on the plate.

      • I’ll eat anything that’s Alan Wake flavored.

      • LoveAnimation

        I dont use Steam and only play games on consoles so this would be awesome for me.

        • Tiago Miranda

          Don’t you own a 360? Besides, Alan Wake isn’t a demanding game and its worth investing in either a PC or a 360 (you can build a PC for almost the same price as the next gen consoles that will perform just as well.

          • Tiago, they won’t listen.

            One day they’ll learn that it isn’t about being a console fanboy or a PC master-race cronie. It’s about the games.

            PC gaming is nowhere near as cost prohibitive as it was 10+ years ago. People need to catch up.

          • Tiago Miranda

            I’m noticing the trend of ignorance after I saw the comments responding to me. It seems that they are too loyal to see that they are getting an inferior choice and they’d rather settle for it. I go where the games are at which is currently PC. Glorious 5000+ games ready at my fingertips.

      • durp

        PCfag STFU and keep playing half life 2 mods for another decade

        maybe he wants to just turn the game on and PLAY not fuck around settings allday, benchmarking BS on a PC that will be outdated in a few months

        P.S your one ugly mother fucka

        • Tiago Miranda

          Someones getting aggressive in the comments section I see. I’m enjoying my Cinefactory mod for half life 2 thank you very much for asking. Makes it look several years younger. 😉

          You’re making it sound as if PC players spend hours tweaking their graphics settings, we literally spend a few minutes. Then again we do get more customization and aren’t locked to an experience that we may hate. You’re complaining about PC hardware being outdated in a few months yet the hardware on the PS4 and Xbox One is several years outdated, its running on hardware that was used to max out games in early 2010. I’ve had my rig since 2012 and I can still play titles like Shadow of Mordor, BF4 and Dying light at beautiful settings and it didn’t cost me an arm or a leg.

          P.S its you’re*. 😉

          • durp

            cool life story bro

            P.S didint read

        • Justin McGill

          hate to say it but with the nex gen consoles you never do that.. just turn it on and play. EVERY single game thus far on the XBOX one has had massive DAY ONE updates. While this isn’t an issue for most people who have much better connections the sometimes 2-3 hour wait flat out sucks.

      • dead fanboy

        I don’t like steaming games for security and quality matters. PC gaming is very expensive and time consuming as a working class person it is not worth it. And current consoles can match up with PCs already. So an Xbox One or a WiiU makes more financial sense for me.

        • Tiago Miranda

          What are you talking about? PC gaming is actually cheaper than consoles if you consider the price of the games and not having to pay for a subscription service (besides internet of course). Heck there’s also modding which expands the life span of the game, customization etc. There’s builds of PCs with a GTX 750ti for similar price of consoles that provides better resolution and framerate. There’s little reason to get a console besides exclusives. This image shows a comparison of money spent on PC compared to consoles.

          • durp

            look at this pcfag posting graphs LMAO just STFU

      • Justin McGill

        and support the company financially in showing there is rabid interest in an Alan Wake 2? Yes.. Yes I will..

  • Buttfuckin’ Doug

    I love Alan Wake something fierce, but I don’t think it really needs a remaster. Am I opposed to it? Of course not. Any opportunity to expose new players to the game is fine by me. That said, I would MUCH prefer to have a full-blown Alan Wake sequel than a remaster.

  • Ethos Evoss

    didnt like it so no

  • Kåre Kristensson

    Would rather prefer a sequel.
    The game is good as it is right now, especially the PC version.
    Honestly, we want a continuation of Alan’s struggles against the darkness, no need to reveal what it is though, leave it ambiguous like in the Dark Fall adventure games and other similar horror titles.

  • Seal Clubber

    They really, really, really just need to do an “Alan Wake 2” …..

  • dead fanboy

    PC gaming is to expensive and not worth my time it goes to $600 to $5,000 while an Xbox One is $350 and the WiiU is $280 for me as a working class citizen an Xbox One makes more financial sense. And majority of Xbox One exclusives aren’t going to appear on PC it was confirmed by Phil Spencer and Kudo Tsunoda. Enjoying Halo 5, Crackdown, Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Gears of War only on Xbox One.

    • Tiago Miranda

      Wrong, I’ve already shown you how PC gaming is not too expensive. Its cheaper than consoles if you do it correctly. You say that the majority of Xbox One exclusives aren’t going to appear on PC but so far there’s already been two exclusives taken from the Xbox One onto PC being Ryse and Dead Rising 3. Most exclusives released on both consoles have been mediocre, there hasn’t been one jaw dropping exclusive for me yet.

  • Ryan Karolak

    I’m all for an Alan Wake remaster. Support for VR would be nice as well. However, it’s not like I feel it absolutely needs it yet. It looks pretty good as it is (at least on the PC). I’d rather see Alan Wake 2 get produced first.

  • Wilder J. Rua

    YES!!! I loved Alan Wake, not so much the second installment but the original was epic, would love a remaster or more from the series.

  • liltrav88888

    whats the point? the graphics are still good enough like others said make a sequel or prequel


    I’d like to see a VR version for the Rift!

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