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Microsoft is Considering an ‘Alan Wake’ Remaster



Microsoft wants to know if we’d like an Alan Wake remaster. As the unofficial ambassador to the horror gaming community, I’m going to go ahead and answer that question with a resounding yes. Yes, Microsoft, we would like that. We’d like that very much.

And since you brought it up, we’d also like an Alan Wake 2.

In a brief survey sent out last week, Microsoft also mentioned an Alan Wake Remastered as a pre-order bonus for Remedy’s Xbox One exclusive game Quantum Break, otherwise known as the reason why Remedy isn’t currently working on another Alan Wake.

Like most folks, the first time I fell in love with Remedy’s fantastic supernatural thriller was on the Xbox 360. I returned to the game a few days later, this time on a high-end gaming PC, only to fall in love with it all over again.

The game looks incredible on PC, and it’d almost definitely look better on the Xbox One. If you’ve only seen the Xbox 360 version, this is something worth getting excited over. Just make sure you direct your excitement toward Microsoft, so they know this is something they need to do.