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‘Killing Floor’ is Free to Play This Weekend On Steam



Like so many other Steam users, I’ve amassed a mildly intimidating library of games over the years, many of which I haven’t ever played. It took a concerted effort on my part to kick that expensive habit, but I managed it. A year later and even the most alluring of Steam’s highly anticipated seasonal sales haven’t broken my will.

I mention this so you know you’re not alone, and because you may want to consider taking a look at Killing Floor and/or Tropico 5, both of which will be free to play from now until Sunday at 1PM.

If you’ve ever bought a game on Steam because it was on sale, only to let it gather dust in your library, this is where you should stop reading. You don’t have to leave Bloody Disgusting, but maybe you could check out our Fatality wish list for Jason Voorhees in Mortal Kombat X. That’s a fun read.

Now that it’s just us fiscally responsible folk, let’s wrap this up. In addition to they’re being temporarily free, both titles have also been discounted by 75%. This means you can get Killing Floor for $5 and Tropico 5 for $10.

That’s a sweet deal. Just make sure you don’t share it with are less frugal readers.