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Watch Out, Or This ‘Bloodborne’ Trailer Will Cut You



If I suddenly disappear early next week around, say, Tuesday, don’t bother trying to find me, for I’ll be playing Bloodborne. This game has held a spot near the tippy-top of my list of games coming in 2015 that I’d like to get intimate with, and now that the wait for it is almost over, I can already hear its distant Siren call, beckoning me to its world of nightmare creatures and Gothic horror.

This trailer isn’t less nightmarish than the last, but it makes up for that by having all the awesome.

The song in this trailer is called “Hunt You Down” from The Hit House, with vocals by Ruby Friedman. I had to look that one up so I could add it to my library. Now I have something to play on repeat while I spank copious amounts of monster ass.

Bloodborne arrives on March 24 for the PS4.