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What’s Your Favorite Horror Game of 2015 So Far?

Those of you who have been paying close attention to my posts here on Bloody Disgusting might have noticed as my writing gradually became more unhinged this month, resembling the incoherent ramblings of a madman. The culprit behind my ever-loosening grip on my own fragile sanity is the ridiculous amount of horror games we’ve received since January.

About a year’s worth of scary games somehow managed to come out in a matter of three months, and keeping up has proven difficult.

H1Z1, Dying Light, Monstrum, The Order: 1886, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, White Night, Zombie Army Trilogy, Resident Evil Revelations 2, the Resident Evil remaster — I can’t think of many other times when we’ve seen so many releases.

It’s a sign of the times. As great as last year was for horror games, 2015 is shaping up to be considerably better. And I’m saying that based on the games we know about. You can bet there are numerous others waiting to be revealed.

Looking back at the dozens of spooky games we’ve been gifted these past few months, which game(s) have been your favorite(s)? I’ve included a handy poll below, but I’d also like to invite you to explain why you chose what you did in the comments.

For a full overview of the last three months, check out our release schedules for the months of January, February and March. Our schedule for April will go live by the end of the month.


  • Kåre Kristensson

    Resident Evil Remastered HD, Dying Light and Zombie Army Trilogy are my top faves so far this year.

  • Victor

    So far Dying Light hands down! I’m waiting for the hard copy of Revelations 2 to play it but as of yet definitely Dying Light! That game is fucking BAD ASS!

  • sliceanddice

    ask me in a week and I’m confident I’ll say blooborne… for now… the order (don’t hit me!)

    • I actually really enjoyed The Order as well. I know people are hating on it pretty hardcore, but I thought for what it was….it was an enjoyable & beautiful game.

      • sliceanddice

        i thoroughly agree. Its far from perfect but since when was perfection charming?

  • sliceanddice

    Also, would we consider hotline miami 2 as horror? It is bloody as fuck. I do think there is an interesting debate to be had on what exactly constitutes horror these days. What do you say BD?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t consider Hotline Miami 2 to be of the horror persuasion. I’d agree that what makes something horror isn’t necessarily black or white, but I do believe that a game needs to at least have the goal of scaring the player for it to qualify. That doesn’t seem to be among HM2’s objectives.

      • sliceanddice

        A fair point, sir. Yet for argument sake how would you consider the “aftermath” elements of HM? By which i mean the point where you are forced to walk through the detritus of all those you have killed and face what you are becoming. Is this element perhaps there to scare you? Personally i don’t think it is but i think it might be there to shock you. In video games can shock and fright be interchangeable? can they be one in the same? Interesting stuff anyway.

  • Wojo’sCure4Humanity

    Thus far, it’s Dying Light for sure. Great game. However, after Bloodborne next week, I think that’s going to change.

  • Brodequin

    For me it’s White Night: storytelling, crime-noir and stylish b/w survival horror. Fantastic sounds, superb ost, original storyline and fun gameplay!!!

  • Dying Light crushes all the horror games that came out this year single handedly. Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Island but no mediocrity.

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