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Telltale Hints At More ‘The Walking Dead’ Before Season 3

To the surprise of no one, both Skybound and Telltale have confirmed they’re working on more of the hit episodic series based on The Walking Dead. The former confirmed the news on Twitter last July and the latter confirmed it for us again at SXSW earlier this month. After the success of the bridge episode 400 days, we imagine another episode like that will be huge.

We don’t know anything about the next episode yet, but if a recent tweet from Skybound is any indication, it won’t be too much longer before that changes.

BTW, look for @telltalegames TWD news really soon. Or harass @kevbru or @jobjstauffer until they break.

— Skybound (@Skybound) March 14, 2015

Check out Telltale at SXSW, and scroll to the 40 minute mark to see them drop the hint of more Walking Dead.

What would you like to see from Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, besides more Clem?

Oh, and since this is hardly news, let me make that up to you with this awesome Walking Dead-inspired 8-Bit Cinema video from CineFix.


  • JoeInTheBox

    I hope we get to revisit everyone else from 400 Days that weren’t in season 2.

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      or the black girl that looked after clementine after a while (the pregnant one) cant remember the name. They got split in the woods and we never heard about her again 🙁

      • otis_d

        Christa 🙂

        • David Pickles

          christa is more than likely dead at this point.

      • matt

        Crista in season 3

  • ragethorn

    Walking Dead Season 1 & 2 are incredible.

  • I’m curious how Season 3 will work given the four (or more) VERY different endings to Season 2.
    Maybe this DLC will finish Clementine’s story, no matter which ending you chose, and we’ll get a new character in Season 3.
    It will be pretty difficult to continue from the ending of Season 2 since the ending is so different.
    It’s like with inFamous 2 and Second Son. They introduced a new protagonist because the evil ending was non-canon, and they apparently couldn’t bring Cole back because of the hero ending.
    I expect Season 3 to be the same

    • David Pickles

      clem can’t die simple… she is the lead.

      • jame33

        Clamintine is the main character for season 3 simple as that

        • David Pickles

          that’s what i said :S

      • Never said Clem would die. Just wondering how they could continue the story since she would end up in four different locations depending on the ending of Season 2

        • David Pickles

          DLC will finish Clementine’s story…..

          how to finish it with out killing her off ? most fans of clem wouldn’t like that either way.

    • Will Torres

      I’ve said they can just funnel the endings to a common starting point. Have like an introduction based off the chosen ending from season 2, then time lapse to a common point. Sounds senseless but if they bring Clementine back as the lead character it might be the only way.

  • David Pickles

    the last dlc was under used, with only bonnie coming back for any worth while time, so this dlc if it’s a spin off episode, will need to have the surviving characters matter a lot more. the four endings can easily be wrapped up in five minutes, for those who have clem solo she’ll be found by the ‘new group’ for those who are with kenny they’ll get found and allowed entrance to the ‘haven’ they got turned away from, for those with jane that place will probably be over run by walkers again (probably that trio will cause issues), or the new group find them there and offer them a place…. have such a big scene with the safe zone can’t be ignored….

    • Merrit Boibeaux

      If it is even based on the same idea. It might not even be split into several mini episodes. Maybe it will just be one longer episode explaining what happen to Christa after the events of S02E01. I am sure they will figure out a way to make it more meaningful than the 400 days story.

  • jame33

    Clamintine will be the main character for season 3 simple as that

  • jame33

    Ther probably eont be a new character for at least 4 more games

  • Kenan

    I whoud like Clamintine to be the main character,but maybe Alvin grows up then he will be the main character 😀

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