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Report: Kojima Leaving Konami, Future of ‘Silent Hills’ Uncertain

A lot has happened today, and none of it looks good.

Kojima Productions is now Konami Los Angeles Studio. The developer’s website redirects to a portal for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and its twitter has magically transformed into another generic MGS V account. Studio head Hideo Kojima is no longer listed as a Konami executive, and the “A Hideo Kojima Game” branding that fans have come to expect from his studio’s games has been stricken from the promotional art for MGS V.

Neither Konami or Kojima have offered any concrete details regarding these troubling developments outside of generic PR speak that does little to confirm or deny anything. A statement sent out by the publisher earlier today offered little insight into what’s going on.

“Konami Digital Entertainment, including Mr. Kojima, will continue to develop and support Metal Gear products. Please look forward to future announcements.”

It looks as if Kojima is leaving Konami.

An anonymous source confirmed this to GameSpot, which mentions a fallout between Kojima Productions and Konami after the publisher ordered restructuring and personnel changes earlier this month. Their source claims that “After we finish MGSV, Mr. Kojima and upper management will leave Konami.”

If this is true, Kojima’s departure shouldn’t have much of an impact, if any, on Metal Gear Solid V. That game is far enough along that it should be able to hit its September release date. The fate of Silent Hills — a collaborative project between Kojima and director Guillermo Del Toro starring Norman Reedus — is looking less sure.

This story is still developing. I’ll share any updates as they happen.


  • Goddammit…..P.T. was one of the most solid, creepy & interesting things I have ever played. I NEED Silent Hills to happen. Sigh….

    • Agreed. I should’ve known this might happen as soon as I saw Guillermo Del Toro’s name. That man is a genius, but he may also be cursed. (Mountains of Madness, InSANE, this…)

      • Rob

        I agree 100% I’ve been reading Guillermo’s Cabinet of Curiosities and it’s just amazing how insightful he is about everything. If Silent Hills is cancelled or given to somebody not named Kojima i’m not exactly sure what i’ll do. I’m in a state of hoping someone tells me this is a nightmare and it’s time for me to wake up.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    If they fuck this up, there’ll be hell to pay for the Silent Hill-franchise.

  • sliceanddice

    Silent hills: the greatest game never made — i never want to read that sentence.

  • Victor

    Fuck me man, so now this game is going to most likely be shelved and put on hold! That’s bullshit! Do not fuck this up!

  • Taboo

    This is very discouraging for us horror fans 🙁

  • Ben_Jammin


    • Guest

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      • Ben_Jammin

        Post your scams under somebody else’s comment, bud.

      • K.I.L.L.

        Go eat your own shit.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    Why would it matter ? Konami has merely been the publisher of Silent Hill for some time now. Konami have said they will be working with Kojima so I don’t see why Silent Hills would cease to be in development.

    • It might not get cancelled, but Konami owns the IP, so if Kojima leaves by December, the game will be developed without him.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        Yes Konami own the IP, but Konami have been outsourcing the development of Silent Hill for several years now. Downpour was developed by Vatra Games. All Kojima is doing is becoming a separate studio and with Konami saying they intend to continue working with him, I think it would be reckless on their part to pass up a partnership between Del Toro and Kojima. I think as they have done previous years, they would remain the publisher. Pretty certain that’s the way it’s going to pan out.

  • Wolf-man

    A twitter account change and an “anonymous source” are hardly cause for alarm. I feel like Kojima would have said something on his twitter if this were true.

  • Conan

    Was not impressed by Silent Hills so not a big loss for me. Why is it games where nothing happens apart from cheap jump scares are all the rage? I would like a new Silent Hills, hopefully it will be good.

    • In all fairness, we never actually saw Silent Hills. The P.T. demo was an ad, not a vertical slice of the game itself, like most demos are. Supposedly, Silent Hills would’ve been completely different from its demo.

      • Conan

        Crap, thought i had wrote that. Guess its late. 🙂 I love me some Silent Hills, but the demo thing didnt make me all that excited. Remember them saying its not what the real game is about. I think there will be a Silent Hill, Kojima isnt the god of gaming and all thing start and end with him. God, imagine the story as written by him? It would be total rubbish and would make no sense. lol Im all for a new Silent Hill that isnt just a cash grab, the last few were lacklustre.

        • You think a Silent Hill game written by Kojima would be total rubbish and make no sense?

          I’ve got nothing.

        • kiane

          You act as if the past SIlent Hill’s after 4 weren’t complete and total garbage. Point is P.T showed more promise than any Silent Hill game in recent memory. Konami ruined it in the first place disbanding Team Silent and outsourcing it to western developers. I think by saying the Teaser wasn’t what the game was going to be about they meant the story told in the teaser. Doesn’t mean the final product was not going to be simarily as spooky as the teaser was. The teaser was reminiscent of old Silent Hill. The ones made by western developers became Resident Evil. No scares whatsoever just gore and dead bodies shock.

    • Obzenium

      If you think “nothing happens apart from cheap jump scares” in the PT, you obviously didn’t play through it.

    • kiane

      Cheap jump scares? Have you never played Silent Hill before the craptastic ones the western developers made? P.T had an amazing atmosphere. Complete with the unsettling ambient noises. It was more like Silent Hill than any of the ones after 4. Kojima understood what Silent Hill was.

      • Conan

        Got bored after a while when playing it. Started off spooky and it did have great atmosphere. But once you have continued going round and round in the loop and nothing can kill you it becomes a chore.

  • Chris Thrasher

    Sigh.. I was so interested in Silent Hills in the PT demo and the trailer. I’m fearful that it will become another western horror. We are terrible with horror a lot of the time and go for gross monsters to try and fill the void. Rather than relying on mystery.

  • EmPleH

    Please let this game still come out. This was the one horror game I have been general excited for and can’t wait for updates on.

  • MadCows

    They better not cancel Silent Hills. The P.T. demo was amazing.

  • Redsam6

    First we lose Del Toro’s Insane and now maybe this!
    No Hellboy 3!
    No At the Mountains of Madness!
    No Insane!
    Has some fucking witch put a curse on Guillermo…

    • Tim Nuttall

      He has contracted Gilliam syndrome.

      • Redsam6

        Yea, I heard recently Gilliam’s trying to get Don Quixote going again

  • Alex Virchis

    If you guys think Kojima’s off-the-wall, elaborate, diligent; and creative process for a vision would be detrimental to the franchise; you are miseducated. If you’ve ever played the old ones(1-4), you might notice how far up they’re own ass they can get and how convoluted and far out those plots are. But that’s what made them great!! The first, where you crash a car on the way to a vacation and wake up in a town full of fog. Your daughter is gone and now you must find out what happened to both your daughter and now the eerie town. The second, where a letter mysteriously appears from your dead wife calling you to the silent hill; on top that, you suffer from amnesia and don’t know why things are bad as they are. The third, that ties with the first; and your character must discover who they truly are and how importantly connected to the town they are; all while rediscovering the place that is silent hill and the history behind it. The fourth one kind of just tied everything up to silent hill; being set in south ashfield, or whatever. But being locked inside your own apartment; from the inside, and the only way of getting out of it is through portals that appear out of nowhere through the walls, is pretty unsettling and different to say the least. Especially when the only “safeplace” (your apartment) gets infected by the outside otherworld. I thought it was the scariest and weirdest of the series, but not the one with a better story. All those games actually make you feel the dread of the situation and that becomes the entertainment; to be out of your comfort zone.

    The newer ones were so generic and westernized, their plots became stale just as much as the lazy controls the series had been suffering from. The producers just think of a way; the most generic way, to have the town call the player and be tormented by the hell of silent hill and bladdy blah all while resolving their internal conflicts. I haven’t even played them (just a little bit of Homecoming) and still haven’t heard of an influence to do so, such as, an amazing and interesting story.

    NOW PLAY P.T. and listen to the stories that come on the radio. They each tell a story of a man going crazy and being fed up with life and ultimately taking the life of the ones that are close to him. I’m not sure, but the radio might appear to be telling different stories of different people with the same situation. That right there is enough bait to get thinking, add the hauntings of that creepy house your in that accent those stories and now I’m really intrigued…and scared haha. The puzzles are a bit of a joke, but the intricacy forshadows a challenging, meaningful, and thought provoking game (like the old ones.) The character you are in control of can even be assumed as the one who committed the murders, as there comes a time in the game where you move faster and see blurry, as if in some sort of alcoholic rampage. Plus the messages like, “Forgive me Lisa for there is a monster inside of me.” There is so much symbolism and depth as the first games in the series; out of just this little slice of a demo….and it’s all thanks to Kojima and team. I feel it could have only gotten better in an all around sense. The game felt so dark,maybe too dark maybe, and that is exactly where the series needed to go be reinvigorated and talked about again. KONAMI HAS JUST FUCKED ALL THAT SHIT UP IF THEY MAKE HIM LEAVE AND THEY SCRAP THIS TO ANOTHER CRAP DEVELOPER. This would have been Kojima’s baby… and don’t forget about Del Toro’s imagination for creating monsters and weird fantasies, or Reedus’ name and acting abilities. Konami needs to realize what their consumers want and treat it like their love child as Kojima does. These are great forms of not just entertainment, but art, and are being tainted and stepped on. This line with business and politics is bs in these days of gaming.

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