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Sci-fi Horror ‘Quadrant’ Delayed Due to Technical Difficulties



The makers of the episodic sci-fi horror game Quadrant have been forced to delay the arrival of the first chapter by a few weeks.

“Unfortunately, we had recently began to encounter problems with our game engine,” the developer announced on Steam. “We started seeing a drop in performance, both in-game and in the engine editor itself, and have been experiencing an inordinate amount of crashes. All of this together made it very difficult to continue working with it.”

There is, however, a silver lining to this story. When Quadrant returns, it will bring with it a more capable engine. This means the game will benefit from a number of improvements that wouldn’t have been possible without the upgrade, including…

– Our full-body awareness system can now takes advantage of new features to make gameplay look and feel even more natural.
– We’re upgrading all of our environments to a new physically based renderer shader, for better, more realistic shader interaction with lights.
– We will be using realtime global illumination for realistic lighting and shadows.
– Audio will now be tailored to more realistically represent 3D spatial location and distance, creating incredibly immersive environments.
– Performance upgrades have shown significant improvement, boosting the framerate by nearly 500% for a large majority of the time. This is without any manual optimization on our part, which we will be doing plenty of.