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Give Precious Blood, Get Even Precious-er ‘Bloodborne’

Blood. You have tons of it. You know what you don’t have any of? Bloodborne. It seems only natural that humanity would find a way to remedy that, and remedy it we have. I’m not sure how popular Bloody Disgusting is in Denmark, but if there happen to be any Denmen or women perusing this site, you may want to clear your schedule on March 24.

Sony Denmark has announced a team-up with GivBlood, a Danish blood donation group, that will give anyone looking to get a copy of Bloodborne the chance to give blood so they can spill blood.

So if it’s Bloodborne you want — or something else, because they’re also offering other more mysterious PS4 games — I suggest you take walk to the IT University of Copenhagen and roll up them sleeves. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for a way to Fedex a pint or two of mine over there.


Bloodborne is scheduled to release on March 24 for the PS4.


  • Guest

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  • Alexander Rahbek Witt

    Popular!? Well sir, im a Dane and im here every day.

    I didn’t know that Sony made this Collaboration with a blood bank, but DAMN its cool!
    Litteraly spill your blood for a blood dripping horror game.. Who wouldnt, its fucking brutal!

  • Kåre Kristensson

    I already have the game preordered here in Sweden, thanks to my big sis, but it is awesome that they’re doing a thing like this in Denmark. 🙂

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