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‘Dead Space’ Easter Egg Spotted in ‘Battlefield: Hardline’



I haven’t had the opportunity to play Battlefield: Hardline yet, but I’ve heard it’s heavy on the shooty and that the explosions are all sufficiently boomtastic. The game released this week to solid, albeit lukewarm, reviews, and while the game has never really managed to catch my eye, this neat little Dead Space Easter Egg sure is entertaining.

Spotted by YouTuber Zuul Be, this nod and a wink shows a couple of bad guys spending some bro-time with the original Dead Space. Enjoy!

A Dead Space mention (or two) in Hardline isn’t surprising. Both games were made by Visceral Games. What is interesting is how clear Visceral’s schedule is now that the studio is between games. Whatever could they do to fill their newfound free time?