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You Should Definitely Watch This Nightmarish ‘Bloodborne’ Trailer

Sony has released another trailer for the PS4 exclusive gothic horror game Bloodborne that perfectly encapsulates why I’ve been anxiously waiting for it since the game was announced last June. Gorehound eye candy, freaky monsters, strange characters, a gorgeous world — this game has the potential to be a fantastic spin-off of the ridiculously good Dark Souls series.

Now if only From Software would change their horrible name, everything would be perfect.

Bloodborne releases exclusively for PS4 on March 24.


  • Ryan Lennon

    1:26, just laughing at the retarded gray sponge-bob thing walking down a dark hallway.

    • Retarded isn’t P.C.! You mean “mentally challenged gray sponge-bob thing” 🙂

  • Calavera Sonriente

    This 19th century Victorian England style mixed with horror looks so awesome! I really need to play this game! Got no PS4, though…yet. So far the only 2 games I was interested in were AC Unity and Farcry 4 and for two games I didn’t want to buy the console. But now… it’s already 3 games xD

  • Martin Wagner

    Would love to play this, but sadly, it’s exclusive to an unethical platform that openly allows hackers to rip off customers then threatens those customers with a permaban if they take up the matter with their banks. PSN = PlayStation Never.

    • ragethorn


  • ragethorn

    Looks so cool.

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