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‘Killing Floor 2’ Takes Out the Big Guns in New Dev Diary



Developer Tripwire Interactive has released a new dev diary for their upcoming Zed shoot-hack-and-bludgeon-em-up, Killing Floor 2, which shows off even more of the games weapons and perks. I only suggest you watch it if you fancy games with copious amounts of gore, because aside from the weapons you’ll use to paint the floors, walls, ceilings and your friends red, that’s what this game is about. They should rename it Gorehounds Are Going to Love This: The Video Game, then proceed to backstroke in infinity pools filled with gold doubloons.

Oh, and if you missed the first part of this two-part epic, you should totes get on that. Meanwhile, I’ll be wondering if that’s a severed head I see resting on the table during their meeting.