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Here’s a Glimpse of What’s to Come for ‘Dying Light’

Any Dead Island fan who gave Techland’s latest game a chance would have had reason to worry about the post-launch support for Dying Light. Thankfully, those worries are being delicately massaged away by the developer, which already released a substantial free update for the game earlier this week. In this tantalizing teaser, Techland touts the future of the game, which will includes drivable vehicles, costumes and weapons, including a bow.

Is it weird that the bow is the thing I’m most excited about?


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  • John

    That’s really cool, but I’ve kind of gotten bored of the city of Harran and slicing and dicing zombies in general. The unrealistic weapon durability is kind of a boner killer too. I recommend that they add a whole new plethora of melee weapons and guns (seriously, no revolver in the game? Only one type of pistol and it has two names: German and American). How about a 44. Magnum or a .357? Desert Eagle? Glock? Berretta M9? Then there are the assault rifles- or should I say rifle? Police rifle and military rifle, and again it’s just one rifle but it has two names. How about M16s, M4s, AKs? How about sniper rifles? Dragunov, Barret .50 Cal etc. I’d like to be able to wall run as well, I think that’s a parkour essential. Finally, I want to be terrified of the zombies, not just of the Volatiles, but the zombies in general. I’m not sure how that can be achieved, maybe take cues from “The Walking Dead”. In the comic/tv show I was terrified for the characters knowing it was all over for them if they got even a nibble from a zombie. Seriously, I had nightmares from that show and the comic. Not just from the zombies, but the villains in it too. So many tense and twisted moments in TWD, from cannibals to people who just completely lose it and kill members of their own group. Make the game TWISTED and INTENSE. Anyway, it’s late and I’m just spitballin’. The game is A- material and I love the parkour to bits and of course the combat. I say A- for the weak cliché story with paper thin characters and the overdone villain who obviously played too much Far Cry 3.

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