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Sci-fi Horror ‘Routine’ Surfaces With New Screens, Info



It’s been awhile since we last heard from the sci-fi horror game Routine. Back in August, developer Lunar Software confirmed the game won’t be coming to Steam Early Access, because they’d like to release the game when it’s finished. I can definitely respect that, especially after fairly recent controversies, like The Stomping Land’s removal from Steam.

The developer recently took to Steam to post an update about the game, which keeps looking better every time it resurfaces from the depths of that freaky abandoned lunar outpost, or wherever it keeps going for months at a time.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to get another video, but they did offer up some new screenshots.

It looks great, and that’s all Unreal Engine 3. Unfortunately, despite Epic Games’ recent decision to make UE4 free for all, “Routine is far too deep into development for us to switch engines but we can’t bloody wait to get our hands on it for future projects!” That’s too bad, but I get it.