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Visceral Games Would Like to Revisit ‘Dead Space’



I feel like I’ve written this story before, probably because I have, a few times now, but this time it’s a little different. With the launch of Battlefield: Hardline next week, developer Visceral Games will soon be free — aside from post-launch support, of course — to really dig into their next game.

What if that game ends up being another Dead Space? They certainly seem interested. Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis recently shared some (familiar) thoughts on the future of the franchise, which may continue sooner than expected.

“Many, many people here at Visceral have a warm spot in their heart for Dead Space, and right now we’re busy with Hardline and…other things,” Papoutsis cryptically explained to UK gaming mag Games TM while simultaneously teasing other, more mysterious projects, “but it’s definitely something we’d love to look at again.”

There it is. It’s almost verbatim what they’ve said in the past, but the timing is better than the last three times they’ve said it.

Hopefully we’ll get something a wee bit more substantial in the near future.