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Survival Horror ‘Lost Within’ Announced, Coming from the Makers of ‘Prey’



The last big game to come from developer Human Head Studios was the underrated sci-fi action game Prey. I’ve been waiting to see something new and exciting from the incredibly talented studio, and seeing as that definitely won’t be Prey 2, why not take a stab at the survival horror genre? That’s what the studio is doing with their next project, called Lost Within.

Lost Within is set in a haunted asylum — I know — which a “legendary killer” calls home. Players will need to scavenge for precious supplies to survive, crafting weapons and using the darkness to hide from enemies. Running is also an option. I think I’ll take that one, thankyouverymuch.

The game is being published by Amazon Game Studios for iPhone, iPad and the Amazon’s Fire phone. It releases this Summer.

It’s a little unfortunate that we’re again relying on the overused “scary asylum” setting, but if it’s scary, I’ll be more willing to forgive its lack of originality. What do you think?