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‘Alien: Isolation’ Dev is Hiring for Their Next Game

The makers of one of the greatest horror games of 2014 — Alien: Isolation — are hiring for their next project, a “multiplatform AAA blockbuster” that’s headed to the PS4 and Xbox One. This might not be a sequel to Isolation, but it might be. In a listing for an online/multiplayer programmer the studio confirms that this project isn’t another Total War game, so that’s something.

“We are seeking an talented programmer has thorough experience developing a range of online features,” the ad explains. “We are creating another multi-platform AAA blockbuster and the successful applicant will be part of a team which allows our game experience to be shared.”

The listing was spotted by, and while I’m hesitant to get excited about the possibility of a follow-up to one of the scariest games in recent memory, I also really, really want that to be what this is. Come on, Sega. Give it to me.

Until I see those The Evil Within numbers, I’m going to assume that Alien: Isolation was one of, if not the most successful horror game of 2014. The game sold over a million units and shipped twice that. That level of success warrants a follow-up, I think.


  • G.A. McGillivray

    I hope this is NOT for a new Alien game…. So many other online games people can choose from… Keep Alien a great single player event and use all available manpower on that…

    • Zaraf

      I second that

  • Daniel Anderson

    Hope its for a new type of “Aliens” game.

  • Richard Johnstien

    I hope you can play co-op to complete objections this time. like two of you working against a clock to get through each level. you have something to to at one end of the map while the other player has something else to do at the other end. Resulting in opening up the next area.

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