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‘Alien: Isolation’ Used to Be a Much Different Game

If you ever go to GDC in San Francisco, make sure you attend as many panels as you possibly can, because sometimes, you’ll see things that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. During a post-mortem panel for Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly creative lead Alistair Hope showed off a much different version of the game that (many of us) know and love. Video games change mid-development all the time, and that goes for Isolation, which started out as a third person game.

In this video captured by Destructoid, we’re given an inside look at an early build of the game that plays more like Dead Space.

Alien: Isolation recently received its fifth add-on pack, The Trigger, which is currently the last DLC Creative Assembly has announced for the game.


  • McGilli

    Interesting. Personally – I like the first person view although – I would have loved to see a kill scene in the 3rd person. However, if they ever made that an option in the game I would at least try it!

  • Brian McNatt

    Yeesh, yeah, glad they went with 1st-person. Seemed a lot harder to keep track of the alien like this, and traveling through vents with your character taking up half the screen would be a nightmare.

  • Phendranah

    Doesn’t look bad. I still would have played it for sure. But I am glad that they went with the 1st person view in the end.

  • DD-Indeed

    Maybe they just wanted, that the gamer plays with his own eyes instead of seeing a character. 1st-person view bring a lot more intensity for these type of games. But 3rd-person view is more difficult, that is sure.

    • Ryan Lenon

      I think it’s great they didn’t stick with what they had now. Once Oculus goes main-stream or project Morpheus for PS4 it’ll be awesome playing it with either of those.

  • Taboo

    Yeah I’m glad that they went with First Person in the end.

  • Ryan Lenon

    The whole time I was thinking, “STOP FLINGING YOUR FLASH LIGHT EVERYWHERE!”

  • Brendan DeSantos

    I would have preferred this a lot more than 1st person

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