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Supernatural Teen Thriller ‘Oxenfree’ Revealed

Independent developer Night School Studio has unveiled their next project, the supernatural teen thriller Oxenfree. In it, some friends decide to take a break from the stressful life of being teens to head to the coast for a night of partying. This leads to their accidentally open a rift to some sort of hell dimension, freeing murderous horrors from the beyond, because that’s what hell rifts do.

The game stars a handful of actors whose voices you may recognize if you’ve played any recent Telltale game, including Erin Yvette (The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands), Gavin Hammon (The Walking Dead, Tomb Raider), and Britanni Johnson (Borderlands, Borderlands 2).

If you’re wondering why so many of these actors had roles in Telltale games, it’s because Night School Studio is itself comprised of Telltale alumni. Oxenfree is slated to release later this year.


  • Guest

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  • horroraddiction

    Holy shit this looks amazing!

    • Infamous Nefarious

      It was pretty good. Definitely different. But, spoiler: It’s short.

      However, I liked it enough that I look forward to more from this new studio. If you like Telltale games? You’ll be pleased here.

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