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Indie Horror ‘Caffeine’ Announced for Xbox One

The story behind the upcoming indie horror game Caffeine is a rough one. Crowdfunding attempts fail all the time, but despite its original, albeit strange, premise and stunning visuals, all three of developer Incandescent Imaging’s funding attempts have been unsuccessful.

I think the issue lies with the footage. Every video I’ve seen makes it looks like a tech demo, rather than a trailer for a horror game. The trailers are visually impressive, but they don’t even hint at its story, which follows a child aboard a caffeine mining starship where everyone has vanished except for a sinister creature that still lurks in the shadows.

That doesn’t seem to have slowed it down, as it was announced at GDC that the game will be bringing its caffeinated brand of psychological terror to the Xbox One later this year.

I spent some time with one Caffeine’s earlier demos. Feel free to check it out below.


  • Guest

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  • Taboo



    “Every video I’ve seen makes it looks like a tech demo”- That’s because it has a tech demo for VR. Rather boring at that. I had no idea, from playing the tech demo, that it even had a story line. Perhaps I’ll give it another look. Oculus Rift Support was good.

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