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Finally, an Acapella Rendition of ‘Resident Evil 2’s Save Room Music



When it comes to horror games that are in desperate need of an update, Resident Evil 2 has been at the top of that list for some time now. With the HD re-release of the Resident Evil remake available now, it’s time Capcom gives one of their greatest accomplishments a little attention. It’s my hope that, through the often misunderstood throat magic that is acapella, we might be able to urge them to finally get around to it.

I’ve featured the impressive vocal talents of YouTuber Triforce Films before when he took us on a journey through time and space with this survival horror retrospective.

Among his more recent work is this stellar rendition of the save room music from Resident Evil 2.

You’re hungry for more acapella, aren’t you? It’s okay, I figured one video wouldn’t be enough, so I cam prepared. Here’s another featuring the survival horror classic, Eternal Darkness.