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‘Resident Evil’ Chronology Almost Makes Sense as an Infographic



As big a fan as I am of the Resident Evil franchise, I can’t help but wonder when its narrative will finally become so unnecessarily convoluted that it forces Capcom to end it all in a blaze of glory so the series can start anew. As fond as I am of that idea, the more likely option is that explosive finale never comes and 5-10 years from now none of us will have a clue what’s going on anymore.

Between the recent arrival of the Resident Evil HD remaster and the long-awaited debut of Resident Evil Revelations 2, you may be looking for a quick an easy way to get caught up on the goings on with Claire and company. In your desperation, you might turn to an attractive infographic, because they combine pretty pictures with informative information.

Our good friends at Halloween Costumes have constructed such a thing, and while it might not help in completely untangling this jumble of incomplete character story arcs and plot holes, it does offer some clarification regarding the series’ chronology.